ive never made cupcakes from scratch, so im very proud of the ones i made today. and oh what a fight i fought to make these. 

chai is made of five spices: nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and ginger. I needed three of those, the three most expensive.

the timeline of chai


i had a terrible day, but i left my wallet in loveland and sadly realized i could not buy the spices.


I went through my purse for coins and found twenty dollars in quarters, tried to buy spices at self check out- the coins jammed and i left embarassed and empty handed.


i returned to the store desperate, my plan- COINSTAR. i got twenty one dollars from my coins, but realized at check out that  that was not enough (darn you, cardamom). so i bought what i could and left to ravage through my car. I came back in moments later with ten more dollars in coins. and FINALLY the magical chai spices were mine. (sidenote, i have since fallen -more- in love with chai)

anywho, the cupcakes are tasty. come by if you want one. i made twelve (and already ate two). the rest are for all of you!