Dear Cincinnati:

A love letter to Cincinnati

Dear Cincinnati,

I'll always love you.

I'll love you for twenty five years of memories, and I'll love you for your ice cream. I'll love you for all my closest friends. I'll love you for my amazing apartments: numbers one, two and three. I'll love you for your hip restaurants, bars and neighborhoods. I'll love you for your people: quick to smile, laugh and hug. Cincinnati, I'll love you for loving me.  

But, a few weeks ago, I used all my credit card points to buy a one way ticket to San Francisco. I wasn't sure if I was going to stay. I wanted to explore, take a chance, push my own boundaries. Somewhere along that process, I accepted a job. 

So, Cincinnati, now I love you even more: for testing my limits, for prepping me well. I'm excited. Afraid. Anxious. Happy. Humbled. Surprised. 

You will always be home, Cincinnati.
But, the things that scare us are the reasons we grow. 

Expect a few changes around here, sure. But, Cincinnati, you gave me Ida Street as a place to grow. I'm still growing. So, I think I'll bring this web space along.

Cincinnati, I'll always love you.
But for now, I'll be doing it from the west coast.



Photo: Lydia Phillips | Mintwood Photo Co.