First off, congrats! You're getting married!! I'm really excited for you. 

& I bet I can guess why you're here... You want to DIY your wedding florals to save money. 

I can help.

In early 2017, I was in your shoes – blowing through my wedding budget with tent rentals, room blocks, and alcohol orders that all exceeded my plans. I had to get creative to stay on track.

All the blog posts and forums I turned to suggested “DIY wholesale flowers” as a big way to save. I was excited to try, but I had one big problem: I didn't even know where to start.

I learned, though. & then I kept learning. In fact, the wedding got me hooked! Since then, flowers have become my life. Today, I am a floral designer, and I can confidently say: you can DIY your wedding flowers and I can help you get there. 

I've built a series of DIY wedding support packages to eliminate the uncertainties about your DIY Wedding. I’ll do all the hard work behind your theme, timing, quantities, and order fulfillment so all you have to do is arrange! Think of it like Blue Apron… for your wedding florals.